Monday, October 20, 2014

Dolly Girly

Hello, guys! Recently, the weather in Bali is getting crazily warmer than usual. But, it just won't stop me to do the photoshoot. My special outfit of the day, was this harmony lace dress. I love this dress so much, this is my favourite colour, purple and nude. It felt like my second skin, especially around the arms. And, this super girly dress makes me feel like a doll, somehow,lol. I forgot to show my pedicure, I also used purple nail polish that day. Well, please enjoy the outfit post and tell me, what do you think about this dress?

Harmony Lace Dress - Victoria Catwalk
Chanel Boy - Victoria Catwalk
Heels - Charles & Keith 

xoxo, bee 

Monday, October 06, 2014

Black Lace

What I wore this weekend, lovely La Noir dress from Three Floor. Honestly, long sleeves is just not my thing, but I can't help but obsessed with this beautiful dress. It really match the halloween decoration too! This photoshoot was taken at Portabella Bistro, Fontana Hotel. I was in a rush, because of my new activity, going to the gym ;)  Well, enjoy, the outfit post, guys!

photobomb: my cute daughter :)

Photo Credits and Style Director: my sis, Esther Ariella ^^

La Noir Dress - Victoria Catwalk
Bag - miekeonlineshop 
Valentino - The Sole Store

xoxo, bee 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dark Angel

Hello, guys! Sorry, for late update, I was sick two days ago so I couldn't finish this post on time. Anyway, last sunday I visit my favourite place, Angelita Tea Salon and Patisserie for tea time and of course, for photoshoot ! I already reviewed about the place here 
Btw, about the title, I'm not saying that I'm the dark angel. I just remember the tragic death of Ladies Code member in the car accident. I'm not their fan, but I love K-pop a lot. So, when rumours spread about how weird their death connected with Iluminati symbols in their videos, it's just surprised and upset me. You can google about the news and somehow it makes sense. What do you think about that guys? I hope music artist can stop using Iluminati, it's useless for their life.

Okay, enough for talk about K-pop, here's my ootd,

what I wore that day was this simple black jumpsuit from Victoria Catwalk

all shots taken by my hubby and my brother ^^

Bonus: Edited by my brother, Joshua 

Well, what do you think about this time's photoshoot, guys?

Black Jumpsuit - Victoria Catwalk
Bag - miekeonlineshop 
Valentino - The Sole Store

xoxo, bee 

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Girl in Ponytail

Bralette is one of my favourite trend recently. Match it with this creme skort makes me feel really fresh and comfortable. This outfit is totally perfect with the weather which is so hotttt. It's really challenging, because the sun shines so bright at Beach Walk. Btw, this bralette is a birthday gift from my younger sister, Esther. Thanks teh! :D

super hott sun shine >.<

Chanel Boy from Victoria Catwalk

This beautiful necklace is a birthday gift too from my bestie, Carysha ^^

Cut Out Crop Bralette in White - Cloth-inc
Creme Skort -  Cloth-inc
Chanel Boy - Victoria Catwalk
Necklace - New Look 
Bracelet - miekeonlineshop 
Valentino - The Sole Store

xoxo, bee 

Monday, September 08, 2014

Party Jumpsuit

So, last saturday I attended my friend's wedding at Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel. What I wore that night was this chained-up jumpsuit with a cutout on shoulder and waist. I always love jumpsuit, but I have to make sure that I won't go to the toilet when I'm wearing that hahah.. it's kinda complicated ;)  Anyway, I only got 2 good pictures, the rest of them, was a bit screwed because of my black strapless which keep falling down, and no more time to take a shot, since my daughter already sleepy. Well, I hope it's not that bad, here's the outfit post, guys . . 

That pretty girl, behind me is my daughter, she keeps walking and running around lol

Chained-up Jumpsuit - Victoria Catwalk
Bag - Pourchet 
Valentino - The Sole Store

xoxo, bee 

Monday, September 01, 2014

Origami Wrap Skirt

Last week, I wore this adorable self-portrait origami wrap skirt and match it with simple white crop top. This skirt has amazing details, especially the leather <3 super love! And if you're notice, I minimize my makeup to look more natural this time. 

White Top- Gowigasa
Origami Wrap Skirt - Victoria Catwalk
Necklace - miekeonlineshop 
Bracelet - miekeonlineshop 
Valentino - The Sole Store

xoxo, bee